Hier kun je lucifersetiketten kopen die ik dubbel heb.
Indien je iets wilt kopen wat ik te koop aanbied, kun je mij mailen met de nummers waarin je geïnteresseerd bent en met je adres gegevens.
Alle prijzen zijn exclusief verzendkosten.
Vervolgens maak ik een berekening van het totaal aantal items die je wilt kopen met de portokosten erbij.
Wanneer je akkoord bent met het totale bedrag inclusief porto, krijg je van mij een mail met daar in de betaalgegevens.
Zodra de betaling binnen is, zal ik de gekochte etiketten versturen.


Here you can buy matchboxlabels from different countries which I have double.
If you want to buy some of the items I have for sale, please contact me by E-mail: and mail me the numbers of the sets in which you are interested with your address details.
All prices are excluding postages.
Then I make you an offer for the total items you bought, including postage to your country or place.
If you are agreed with my total offer, payment can be made directly to my bankaccount or made through PayPal, which info I will mail you.
The letter will then send to you after receiving the payment on my account.
To the following countries I will not send:, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan (due to problems with the post)

See below the list with countries I offer matchboxlabels from.

Explantion of what you will see:

Number to buy the set (so I know which labels from which country)
Price of the set you buy (excluding postage)
Available, how much sets I have for sale. First buyer get first rights.
If labels are sold I will added SOLD behind the number and delete it afterwards from the pages.