Links Societies

The British Matchboxlabel and Booklet Society (Homepage of the British Society)

Rathkamps Matchcover Society (Homepage of Rathkamps Matchcover Society)

Schweizerisches Zundholz Museum (All kind of info and catalogs about Swiss matches)

Český filumenistický svaz, z. s. (Homepage of the Czech collectors club of matchboxlabels)

Match World Virtual Museum (Website about matchbox labels made in Japan)

Homepage of the Dutch Society (Homepage of the S&D-groep lucifersetiketten)

Homepage of the Limburgse Stekskesmannen (A weblog from the Limburgse Stekskesmannen)

Filumenie Blogspot (Filumenie Blogspot) (Homepage of a Russian Society: Very interesting about Russian labels)

Phillumenistische Gesellschaft e.V. (Homepage of the German society Phillumenistische Gesellschaft e.V.)

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