Matchcover glossary A

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— 1. An abbreviation for 30-stick size (Ambassador) matchcovers,
2. An abbreviation for Aristocrat matchcovers.
AA — An abbreviation for American Ace Boxes.
AAA— A matchcover category with the Automobile Association of America
(AAA) symbol showing. Examples include mostly hotels & motels.
AS — An abbreviation for Above Striker.
Above Striker — On back strike matchcovers, the area between the striker and the tip of the matchcover.
Abrasive — An older term used for the striker, generally referred to on matchboxes. (See Striker, Striker Zone).
Academies — A general term for upper-level schools. (See Colleges).
Accumulation — An unorganized gathering or group of matchcovers.
Ace — A hobby term used to describe American Ace Boxes.
Ace Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in Maywood, IL. This company used the manumark Arrow Match Co. until it went out of business in 1950. They produced three different sets of girlie matchcovers. (See Girlie, Arrow Match Co.).
Acme Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that went out of business in 1931.
Acorn Match Co. — An old, defunct match company of the 1920s.
Action Match — A Universal Match Corp. trademark for a different type of matchcover. It was the same size as the 30-stick matchcover with added discs or gussets on either side of the saddle, giving the opened matchcovers a satchel-like appearance. These “wings” moved in and out as the user opened and closed the match book. Only about 30 known designs were produced by Universal around 1940.
Ad Display Double Book Matches — A Superior Match Co. term for the common 40-stick match book. (See Delux Ad Display).
Adaco Co. — An old, defunct match company.
Adams — A single word manumark that appears on several types of Group I matchcovers. No city, advertiser or other identification is given.
Adams Hats Contest Sets — A series of 5 letter contest sets and 2 picture contest sets issued to advertise Adams Hats between 1935 and 1948.
Adams Hats Sports Sets — Two similar 30 matchcover 20-stick sets manufactured by Universal Match Corp., N.Y.C., with space for the dealer’s imprint, advertising either Adams or Long’s Hats. There were approximately 40 different dealer imprints known, making a total of about 1200 different matchcovers possible. The matchcovers with Adams Hats dvertising are black on yellow background, while the matchcovers featuring Adam Hats & Long’s Hats are black on a buff background. All of the outsides look the same, however the inside features the history of prize fighters, known as “Sam-Taub’s Ring Personalities.” The first 24 have a copyright date of 1942, while the last six show 1943, but all were distributed in 1943. (See Boxing).
Add-ons — Any or all types of matchcovers with additional ornamentation added to the front or back cover (See Lenticular, Novelty Matchcovers).
Admatch Corp. — A popular advertising specialty company with headquarters in New York City. This company markets a full range of Japanese-made boxes and matchcovers.
Advance Match Co. — An old, defunct match company of the 1930s and 1940s. They are credited with issuing the first 12-stick and 40-stick matchcovers. They were located in Chicago and went out of business about 1950.
Advance Match and Prtg. Corp. — An old match company located in Chicago, IL.
Adverap — Not actually a matchcover, but a cardboard cigarette pack holder that also held a pack of matches. They were a Universal Match Corp. idea (introduced in 1940) and had advertising (to match the match book) on all four sides. They were popular during the early 1940s. Over 250 varieties are known.
Advertising Matches: (Wellington) — A match book manumark from New Zealand.
Advertizit Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located
in Newark, NJ, in the late 1930s.
A-Frame — (See Tent).
Air Force — (See Military).
Airlines — A popular matchcover category whose advertisement mentions airline companies and includes domestic, commercial and foreign. Both sets and singles can be collected. Around 7,000 varieties are known.
Al Ashri & Co. A.R.E. — An African match book manumark from Egypt.
Album (Matchcover Album) — A standard unbound book with commercial (Slotted) paper pages or sewn pages for displaying matchcovers. The 3-ring binder type is the most popular style. (See Pages, Hobbymaster, Beach).
All Round The Box — Label on a matchbox which wraps around the box instead of being one or two separate glued pieces on the front and/or back panels.
All Trades Match Co. — An old, defunct match company of the 1930s and 1940s, that was located in Rockford, IL.
Allenco Match Co. (Auckland) — A match book manumark from New Zealand.
Allis Press (The) — An old, defunct printing company located in Kansas City, MO, that specialized in printing match books.
Allubox — A European matchbox manumark from Switzerland.
Allumettes — French word for matches.
AMCAL — An abbreviation for the Associated Matchcover Clubs of California, which holds a convention every May in various CA cities. First gathering was held in 1956.
Amateur Sports — (See Sports).
Ambassador — A Diamond Match Co. trademark for 30-stick match. Introduced in 1952.
American Ace — A Universal Match Corp. trademark for a wooden stick box match. Popular from 1977 to present, they were first issued by West Virginia Match Corp. in 1934. Over 10,300 varieties are known.
American Legion — (See Veterans Clubs, Fraternal).
American Match Co. (WI) — An old, defunct match company of the 1920s and 1930s that was located in Grand Rapids, MI. Not related to a later company of the same name from Ohio.
American Match Co. (OH) — An old, defunct match company located in Zanesville, OH. It began operating in 1956 and was sold to Maryland Match Co. in August 1975.
American Match Council — An organization of U.S. match producers formed
in 1991 “to promote awareness of the match and its value as a communications vehicle, an important invention and an environmentally responsible ‘light’.” The council is not directly related to the matchcover collecting hobby.
American Matchcover Collecting Club — A currently thriving matchcover/match book collecting club, started in 1986. It published a hard-copy bulletin, The Front Striker Bulletin, for 16 years, converting to an all on-line organization in June 2001. Based in Asheville, NC, it is managed by Bill Retskin ( Pullmatch Corp. — Company formed in June 1936 in Piqua, OH. After going bankrupt in early 1939, the company was bought by the Kilgore Manufacturing Company of Westerville, OH, in October, 1939. Their logo read: Get the Pullmatch Habit, and showed a design of an early Pullmatch holder. Reg. under U.S. Pat. No. 2,014,182. (See Pullmatchs).
American Pullmatch Div. — Company established in Tipp City, OH, in late 1939 by the Kilgore Manufacturing Company. In November, 1945, the company was moved to Kilgore’s headquarters in Westerville, OH, where a 1949 bankruptcy halted production.
American Quality — The footer wording used on early matchcovers from the American Match Co., Chicago, IL.
Americana — A matchcover category showing scenes of American history. Many were speciality sets, but several were produced by large supermarket chains.
Americana (Perkins) — (See Perkins Americana).
Andorra — A box sold by the Maryland Match Corp., measuring 2 in. X 1/8 in. X 1/2 in. This type box is made in Spain.
Amvets — (See Veterans Clubs).
Anniversary — A matchcover category with an anniversary or milestone number of years placed somewhere (inside or outside) (i.e., 50th anniversary, 25th reunion, etc.). (See Dated).
Apollo — A matchcover category commemorating the various American manned space flights. It includes matchcovers issued for Apollo 7 in October 1968 through Apollo 17 in December 1972. (See Space).
Approved Match No. 7 — Very early (pre-1910) manumark wording. Second line: (Licensed Match)/The Diamond Match Co. N.Y. Said to be one of the earliest manumarks for match books.
ARTB — Abbreviation for All Round The Box.
Aristocrat — A Universal Match Co. trademark used for a 28-stick matchcover. Generally combined with 30-stick size matchcovers by most collectors. Introduced in February 1950.
Army — (See Military).
Arrow Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in Maywood, IL. Started in 1934, it went out of business in 1950 and is credited with issuing the first set of nude girlies, called A Study in Photo Art. Some sources believe this set hastened their demise or may even have caused it. (See Ace Match Co., Girlies).
Arrow Press — An old, defunct match company.
Art Match Co. — An old, defunct match company which started business in the 1920s, located in Grand Rapids, MI, and went out of business in 1935. (See Art Quality).
Art Quality — The footer wording used by the Art Match Company, Grand Rapids, MI on their early matchcovers. (See Art Match Co.).
Athletic Clubs — (See Legitimate Clubs).
Articulos Publictarious — A Central American match book manumark from Mexico.
Astronauts — (See Space).
Atlantic City Souvenir Set — This set consists of eight matchcovers (four in red and four in green) and was issued by The Diamond Match Co. about 1935. There is a one line manumark which reads: The Diamond Match Co. N.Y.C., and the saddle has 13 rays. Six variations in printing are known. Later issues have four red and four blue matchcovers.
Atlantic Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in Jacksonville, FL, and operated in the 1930s. It was absorbed into Universal Match Co. about 1941. (See Universal Match Co., MO).
Atlantic Match Co. — An old, defunct match company located in Philadelphia, PA.
Atlantis Match Co. — A Chicago based match company.
Atlas Match Co. (TX) — A Texas based match company which started operation in 1960. No relation to the earlier match book company of the same name. Originally in Arlington, TX, but moved to Euless, TX. (See Atlas Four Color, Lenticular).
Atlas Match Co. (NJ) — An old, defunct match company that at one time was located both in Newark, NJ. It operated from 1932 to 1939.
Atlas Four Color — Trademark of the Atlas Match Co. (TX) used on their match books with color photo pictures. (See Atlas Match Co.).
Atria Lucifers — A European match book manumark from The Netherlands.
Auction — Any live sale of merchandise in which participants bid for various lots in competition with each other. The end result is the purchase of that item for the highest bid. (See Mail Auction, Online Auction.).
Australian Match Mfg. Co. — An old, defunct matchbox company that was in business from 1969 to 1976, in Strathpine, Queensland, Australia. Their excise mark was 10/5.
Auto Dealers — A popular matchcover category whose advertisement mentions automobile dealers. These are usually stock matchcovers, but many are not. Earliest known in this category is from 1928, featuring the Hup automobile. [see Auto (Stock)].
Auto (Dated) — (See Dated Auto).
Auto (Stock) — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions automobile dealers but has a stock design for the back. The individual dealer’s ad appears on the front. This category fits in the general classification of Auto Dealers. (See Auto Dealers).
Autographed — Not officially a category, but classified as any matchcover with a VIP autograph appearing somewhere on the outside or inside. (See VIP).
Aviation Commemoration Set — Probably one of the first Universal Match Co. 40-stick releases with the Los Angeles manumark. They were printed on white “kromecoat” paper in 1951, and the wording and photos are sepia color. The inside describes the advertiser: Artcraft Engineering Co.
Aztec — A Lion Match Co. trademark having debossed portions of the design.