Matchcover glossary V

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V.A. Hospitals — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions the various Veterans Administrations Hospitals (not Military Hospitals) around the country. These are generally seen as blue 40-stick matchcovers. (Some are known in silver). At its peak, there were 176 V.A. Hospitals, with at least one in every state including Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico.
VIP — A matchcover category whose message or advertisement mentions a very important person or celebrity. This might include his/her place of business or just a personal matchcover. (See Personalities).
V.F.W. — (See Veterans Clubs, Fraternal).
Vargas Girlies — One set of girlie matchcovers made by the Ohio Match Company in 1953. (See Girlies).
Vending Machine Match Books — Any or all match books that come from a vending machine, usually with a national advertisement or a generic Thank You on the matchcover. (See Nationals, Thank You).
Vertical — A full length matchcover with its message or design laid out so that you have to hold the matchcover vertically in order to read it. (See Horizontal, Full Length).
Vesuvian — A type of match made in the mid 1800s.
Veterans Clubs — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions any or all veterans’ organizations (i.e., VFW, Amvets, American Legion, etc.). (See Fraternals).
Vista-Lite — A Western Match Co. trademark which used a four-color photograph as part of the design on some issues. Most have a serial number from C-1 to C-1127. Not all Vista-Lites have numbers. Series introduced around 1964 and ran to 1971. (See Matchorama, Tru-Color).
Vista-Lite Canadian Girls Series — A single set first issued in 1964 (the panel above the manumark was blank). Later, they were reissued with “Memories of Summer” and finally with “Souvenirs Estivaux” added under the English. This manumark read: Western Match Co.