Matchcover glossary R

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R — An abbreviation for regular (20-stick) size matchcovers.
RR — An abbreviation for the railroad matchcovers category.
RF — An abbreviation for Royal Flash matchcovers. (See Royal Flash).
RMS — Standard abbreviation for the Rathkamp Matchcover Society. (See Rathkamp Matchcover Society).
RVS — An early 1970 hobby abbreviation for “Reverse Strikers”, meaning a matchcover with the striker on the back. (See SS, B).
Radiant Match — An old, defunct match company manumark used by the Radiant Safety Match Corp.
Radio/TV — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions any radio or TV station, or radio or TV personality (disc jockey, etc.). The call letters and/or call number of the station are usually present on the front, back or inside. Not to be confused with the CBS and NBC Radio Personalities sets of the 1930s.
Radio Personalities — (See CBS Radio Personalities, NBC Radio Personalities).
Railroad “Pullquick” Matches — The three known matchcovers of this style are from the Katy Lines, the Susquehanna & N.Y. Railroad, and the Texas and Pacific Railroad. (See Pullquick).
Railroads — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions railroad companies, railroad stations, railroad trains, etc. This category came in both sets and singles and in all matchcover sizes. Passenger and commercial railroads are included.
Rainbow — A Universal Match Corp. trademark whose matchcovers had an oily looking, multi-colored surface appearance, incorporated into the design of the advertiser. Introduced in 1979, over 290 varieties are known by collectors. Discontinued in 1987.
Rainbow Stock Designs — Use by various match companies in the 1940s, these color pattern designs overlaid the advertisement and usually came in five mixed colors (red, pink, purple, green and yellow). Not to be confused with the Rainbow trademark by Universal Match Corp. As advertised by Match Corp. of America, their Rainbow series used 10 different designs with five dazzling colors.
Raised Ink — A matchcover category whose message or advertisement wording or design is printed with heavy ink, thus raising the design above the surface of the matchcover. These are not embossed. (See Embossed).
Rama — An abbreviation for Matchorama. (See Matchorama).
Rathkamp, Henry — Namesake of the Rathkamp Matchcover Society and early matchcover collector.
Rathkamp Matchcover Society (RMS) — Founded in 1941, the club takes its members from all over the world, but is a single based organization without member clubs.
Real Photo — 1. Any matchcover that includes an actual photograph of a person, place or thing as part of its message or advertisement. In color, these matchcovers have special names such as Matchoramas and Tru-Color, 2. Any matchcover that includes an actual black and white photograph of a person, place or things. The name was borrowed from the postcard collecting term. (See Matchorama, Photographic).
Recreational Facilities — A loosely clad matchcover category which gathers all kinds of facilities that are used for recreation or sporting fun. This category might include bowling alleys and stadiums, as well as swimming pools and gymnasiums. Note: sometimes called Parks and Recreation.
Refill Pages — Packages of extra slotted pages sold by album manufacturers for their products. (See Albums, Pages, Beach, Hobbymaster).
Regal Book Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in Chicago, IL.
Regal Match & Prtg Co. — An old, defunct printing company located in Chicago, IL that specialized in printing match books.
Regie Francaise — A European match book manumark from France.
Regular — Another traditional term for the standard 20-stick size match. (See Standard).
Reliable Match Co. — An old, defunct match company formed in Ashland, OH, in 1903. This company was one of the nine who merged in 1923 to form the Federal Match Corp. The factory was closed in 1930.
Re/Match Auction — An Online Internet Matchcover Auction sponsored by The American Matchcover Collecting Club prior to the opening of its new presence in June 2001.
Repeat Order — The manufacturer’s term used when a customer wishes to have another run of his matchcover design printed. He may want to change a phone number, reverse a design or alter a color for the new run. (See Run).
Republic Match Co. (TX) — A match company located in Euless TX. It was originally formed in the early 1960s, as a subsidiary of Atlas Match Co. (TX) to handle smaller orders. Originally located in Arlington, TX.
Republic Match Co. (WI) — An old, defunct match company that was located in Plymouth, WI. No relation to the Texas firm. Operated in the 1930s.
Rest — An abbreviation for the category of restaurants.
Restaurants — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions a kind of eating establishment or business that offers a meal (i.e., restaurants, fountains, coffee shops, drive-ins, snack bars, donut shops, tea rooms, inns, cafes, cafeterias, diners, delicatessens, automats, lunches, lunchrooms, confectioneries, bar-b-ques, grills, etc.). This is probably the largest single category in the hobby and an excellent category for the beginner due to the ease in which these matchcovers may be obtained. Suggested collecting method is alphabetically within cities, within states. Also, they may be categorized according to the sub-category as mentioned above.
Reverse — 1. Another term used for the back panel of the matchcover; 2. An obsolete term used for the inside portion of the matchcover itself. (See Back Striker).
Reverse Plate Designs — A design in which the copy or graphics appear in the color of the matchcover stock, with a background of the color ink in which the matches are printed. In other words, light on dark.
Reverse Striker — A matchcover on which the striker zone appears on the back. (See Back Striker, SOB).
Reward Cuts — Any stock matchcover that offers a reward and “see inside cover.” Used in the 1940s and 1950s, rewards ranged from $1 to $15.
Rex Match Co. — An old, defunct match company.
Rhapsody — A Maryland Match Corp. trademark for matchcovers that had a waxy surface coating, spattered in a random manner over the entire surface of the matchcover. (See Filigree).
Royal Flash — A Universal Match Corp. trademark whose match books contained 40 match sticks. These match books were twice the width of the regular 20-stick match books. They were introduced into the market in 1934. (See Billboard, Double Size).
Royal Imperials — A Maryland Match Co. style of matchcover.
Run — A manufacturing term that means the printed material in a specific order. A run can be one case or 1,000 cases, usually for the same customer and with the same design.