Matchcover glossary O

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Obsolete — Any advertised business, product, service, match company, design, style, method of classification, or technique which is no longer used, in existence, or popular (i.e., Crown Match Company, Midgets, Classiques, etc.). Not to be confused with “old” as applies to matchcovers. (See Defunct).
Odd Sizes — Any or all types of matchcovers other than standard sized 20-stick, 30-stick or 40-stick. This classification includes 10-stick, 12-stick, 100-stick, 200-stick, 240-stick, Contours, Jewels, Jewelites, Midgets, Perfect 36s, Giants, and all custom cut or custom shaped matchcovers. Most of these classifications comprise separate collecting categories. (See listings for all of the categories mentioned above).
Odd Striker — A matchcover category whose advertisement includes an unusually shaped and/or placed striker zone, frequently incorporated into the message on the matchcover. This was also a trademark used by the Lion Match Co., which made these matchcovers between 1942 and 1962. Over 470 different varieties have been reported. (See Spot Strikers).
Oddity — Any single matchcover that belongs to a set by virtue of its origin, but doesn’t look anything like the other members of the set.
Officer’s Mess — (See Military).
Ohio Match Co. — A match company located in Wadsworth, OH, which started operations in 1895, and went out of business in 1987. Matchcover production was started around 1924. Match boxes were made throughout the company’s production years.
Olpha Match — A European match book manumark from Holland.
One Hundred Strike — (See Hundred-Strike, Centurylite).
OnLine Auction (also, On-Line) — Any auction that is held on the InterNet. (See
Orange Set (The) — (See New York World’s Fair — 1939).
Oriental Restaurants — A category of restaurants including Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and other Far Eastern eating places. Of these, Chinese Restaurants is the most popular category. (See Chinese Restaurants).
Orleans — A Superior Match Co. trademark for matchcovers that had a waxy surface coating, spattered in a random manner over the entire surface of the matchcover. (See Filigree).
Oshkosh Match Works — An old match company located in Oshkosh, WI. It operated in the late 1800s.
Outer — The portion of the box which has the design on it and which surrounds the tray containing the matches.
Overruns — Quantities of matchcovers that are in addition to the regular or usual quantity of ordered matchcovers. Overruns are usually handled by jobbers or may be purchased, at a reduced price, by the original customer. (See Jobber).
Owname — An Owname Match Co. trademark, usually seen on 30-stick size match books issued between 1930 and 1945. It has a detached striker that separates from the matchcover when the staple is removed. It was reported that one collection had over 500 varieties. The book contained one comb of 14 matches. The company’s trademark was granted for this name in March 1925.