Matchcover glossary N

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NBC Radio Personalities — A set of National Broadcasting Company radio personalities matchcovers issued around 1935, by The Diamond Match Co. The radio personality’s picture appears in a round frame on the front of the matchcover, the frame being ringed with a black and silver circle. Their name appears in script across the saddle, and the back of the matchcover gives a brief history of the personality’s career. A phantom picture of the “Radio City” building is imprinted over the history. There are 24 total matchcovers in this set with the colors (blue, green, pink and peach — all in light shades). Each personality appears with one color. A single line manumark reads: THE DIAMOND MATCH CO. N.Y.C.
NCO Clubs — (See Military).
N.V. Amsterdamsche Lucifersfabrieken — A European match book manumark from The Netherlands.
N/S — An abbreviation for Non-Stock.
N/S-H/I — An abbreviation for Non-Stock Holiday Inn matchcovers (See H/I, Holiday Inn).
Name-On Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in Cleveland, OH.
National Match Book Adv. Co. — An old, defunct advertising agency that was located in Chicago, IL, and New York City, NY. It was formed in 1947 to act as a distribution agency for nationally advertised products on matchcovers.
National Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in New York City, NY, which went out of business in the 1940s.
National Press — An old, defunct printing company located in Chicago, IL, which specialized in printing match books.
Nationals — A general matchcover category whose advertisement mentions products or services that are sold nationally. (i.e., Camel Cigarettes, Be a Shoe Salesman, Rival Dog Food, Draw This Picture–Win a Scholarship, etc.) Unless manufactured prior to 1960, serious collectors do not collect this type of matchcover. Within the last 40 years more than one half of this nation’s match book production has been Nationals. (See Vending Machine Match Books, Supermarket Sets).
Nationwide Match — An old, defunct match company that was located in Chicago, IL.
Navy — (See Military).
Navy Ships — (U.S. Navy Ships) In general, any matchcover from a commissioned U.S. Naval vessel. They were originally issued only through the ship stores and not available to the general public. There are two major sub categories. 1. Pre-War (WWII) U.S. Naval Ships, and 2. Post-War (WWII) U.S. Naval Ships. No U.S. Navy ship matchcovers were issued during World War II. This category is generally collected alphabetically and major listings are available for all sub-categories. Over 3,000 varieties are known. Some collectors use a third sub-category called Canadian Naval Ships. (See C.O.M.B.I.N.E.).
Navy Ships, Canadian — Matchcovers issued by Canadian Navy Ships and shore stations. Over 400 varieties are known.
Nested Category — A hobby organizational tool in which a subject can first be organized into a major classification and then broken down into sub-classifications. (i.e., Restaurants can be broken down alphabetically into kinds of restaurants, then within kinds into states, then within states into towns and within towns, alphabetically).
New England Souvenir Sets — This set consists of 86 matchcovers (two sets of 43 each), known as the First and Second New England Souvenir Set, issued by The Diamond Match Co. The First set has 21 green and 22 red matchcovers and the Second set has red and blue matchcovers. The red matchcovers of both sets are very much alike. The primary difference between these two sets was that the First set had thirteen colored rays on the saddle while the second set had 12.
New York State Souvenir Set — This set consists of eight matchcovers in each set issued by The Diamond Match Co. around 1937. The pictures on both sets are identical; however the red and blue background matchcovers have 12 rays on the saddle while the green and red background matchcovers have 13 rays on the saddle. There is a two line manumark on each matchcover. The red and blue background set was issued in 1938, and reprinted in 1942 with a narrow wartime striker.
New York World’s Fair (1939) — Opened in 1939 in New York City and issued several different sets of match books for both years (1939 and 1940) that it was open. Besides the official World’s Fair matchcover sets (The Blue Set, The Orange Set and The Silver Set), there were scores of business, services, and peripheral New York World’s Fair matchcovers to be found. There were at least 39 different Fair issued matchcovers that are dated 1939, and a set of four that are dated 1940. Matchcovers came in 20-stick, 30-stick, 40-stick, 10-stick, Giant, and Midget size. This is the World’s Fair that Bob Oliver and a group of matchcover collectors first developed the concept of a national matchcover organization, later to become the Rathkamp Matchcover Society. (See RMS).
New York World’s Fair (1964) — Opened in 1964, and went into 1965. This World’s Fair issued many sets and singles, along with a host of peripheral business, product and service matchcovers. The official sets were; 1. a five piece 40-stick set, and 2. an eight piece 30-stick set, were produced by Universal Match Corp. Both of these sets are Panoramas (See Panorama). Poorly “broken” sets were sold in vending machines throughout the fair. (See Broken Sets).
Night Clubs — (See Legitimate Clubs).
Night-Life — (See First Night-Life, Second Night-Life).
Nile Match Co., Alexandria (The) — An African match book manumark from Egypt. The Swedish Match Group formed the company in 1933.
Non-Specific — A national type of match book without an advertisement. A vending machine match book might say “Thank You” and nothing else. (See Nationals).
Non-Stock — An adjective placed before some categories to denote that those matchcovers produced by advertisers were not stock designs (i.e., Non-Stock Holiday Inns) (See Stock Design).
Northwestern Prtg — An old, defunct printing company located in Chicago, IL, which specialized in printing match books.
Novaca Fabrica, A.B., Halmstad — A European match book manumark from Sweden.
Novelty Matchcovers — Odd ball, limited production matchcovers with items or ornamentation glued to the outside. Interesting, but not widely collected. (See Lenticular, Add-ons).
Nudies — Another name for girlie matchcovers of no specific classification or design. Pertains to women with no clothes instead of partially clothed. Many are photographic. (See Girlies).
Nur Match Co. — A Middle Eastern match book manumark from Israel. It is believed to have commenced operating about 1939.