Matchcover glossary L

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L.B. Herbst Corp. — An old, defunct advertising specialty company located in Chicago, IL that sold match books. Their manumark included the line: Mfg. by Match Corp of America, Chicago.
La Central — A Central American match book manumark from Mexico.
Labels — A piece of thin paper bearing an advertisement that was glued to the outside of a match box. Labels can be affixed to either the front or the back of a box, both front and back, or one large label is wrapped around the box. Used labels have been glued on boxes and then soaked off, while mint labels have never been attached to a box and are often found as uncut sheets as issued by the factory. (See Skillets).
Leatherette — A type of matchcover having a leather-like appearance.
Legend — The list of abbreviations that often appears in a mail auction list. An example of a legend might include: [note: colors are the first and last letter of the word (i.e., green (GN) and appear in parentheses.] 100S–One Hundred Strike, 10S–Ten Strike, l2S–Twelve Strike, 1B–One Box, 20S–Twenty Strike, 24S–Twenty-Four Strike, 240S–Two-Forty Strike, 30S–Thirty Strike, 40S–Forty Strike, AL–American League, AQ–American Quality, B–Back, (BK/WE)–Black & White, BAR–Barrel, (BE)–Blue, (BEGN)–Blue/Green, BF–Base Friction, (BK)–Black, BL–Box Label, (BN)–Brown, BS–Back Striker, (BF)–Buff, C–Cover, CA–Cameo, CCC–Civilian Conservation Corps, (CM)–Cream, CON–Contour, (CR)–Copper, (DBE)–Dark Blue, DOI–Declaration of Independence, DQ–Diamond Quality, E–Empty or End, EQ–Eddy Quality, ev–estimated value, F–Front, F/B–Front & Back, FEA–Lion Feature, FB–Full Book, FL–Full Length, FO–Foilite, FS–Front Striker, FT–Flat (Salesman’s Sample), G–Giant, (GT)–Gilt, (GD)–Gold, GGIE–Golden Gate Int’l Exposition, GMC–Girlie Matchcover Catalogue, (GN)–Green, GPF–Giant Poster Feature, (GY)–Gray, H–Horizontal, HB–Halfback, HOF–Hall of Fame, HR–Home Run, I–Inside, INC–Includes, JWL–Jewel, JLT–Jewelites, KB–Kitchen Box, L–Labels, LBA–League Batting Average, (LBE)–Light Blue, (LBN)–Light Brown, (LGY)–Light Gray, M–Midget, RAMA–Matchorama, MS–Mixed Strikers, MVP–Most Valuable Player, MZ–Mixed Sizes, N/S–Non Stock, NL–National League, NM–Non Match, NYWF–New York World’s Fair, O–Outside, (OD)–Orchid, (OE)–Orange, P36–Perfect “36”, PAT–Patriotic, (PH)–Peach, (PE)–Purple, (PK)–Pink, PQ–Pull Quick, QB–Quarterback, (RD)–Red, RF–Royal Flash, RM–Row Missing for Mounting, RR–Railroad, S–Saddle, SF–Safety First, SG–Signet, (SM)–Salmon, SOL–Statue of Liberty, (SR)–Silver, SS–Spot Striker, T&P–Trylon & Perisphere, (TN)–Tan, U–Used or Struck, UN–Uniglo, UQ–Union Quality, V–Vertical, VIP–Very Important Person, VP–Vice President, W–Wooden, (WE)–White, WG–Woodgrain, WS–Wooden Sticks (Book Match), (YW)–Yellow.
Legitimate Clubs — A relatively sophisticated category listing, popular several years ago. It included all clubs with formal memberships (Such as athletic clubs, country clubs, tennis clubs, golf clubs, yacht clubs, etc.). Other establishments that use the word “club” (i.e., night clubs, bars, gambling casinos, matchcover clubs) are not part of this category. (See Clubs).
Lenticular — An Atlas Match Co. (TX) trademark whose matchcover had a square of plastic glued to the front. The design on the plastic square moved from side to side as the matchcover was moved. Introduced in 1974 but did not prove to be very popular. Only a few varieties known. (See Add-ons, Illuminescents, Three-D).
Licensed Match/The Diamond Match Co. NY — Very early (pre-1910) manumark wording. This manumark is said to be one of the earliest manumarks used on match books.
Lightning Bolt (Holiday Inn Series) — An early four color set (in red, yellow, black and green). The saddle reads: “Your Host From Coast To Coast,” and the inside key words were “Facsimile matches.” There were more than 20 different series of this type matchcover.
Lion Match Co. — Located in Chicago, IL, known in later years as Lion Corporation of America. It originally started business in 1917, in Brooklyn, NY, and began using the Safety First footer wording in 1922. Today, this company produces a general advertising specialty line. It ceased primary matchcover production in 1995, but still produces advertising specialities.
Lion Match Co. (Durban), (Capetown) — A African match book manumark from South Africa.
Lion Match Co. Glamour Gals Set — Four sets of girlie matchcovers manufactured by the Lion Match Co. of Chicago, IL, they were produced in 1951, 1952, 1953, and 1955.
Lion Match (Safety First) — [see Safety First (Lion Match Co.)].
Lions — (See Fraternal).
Lipstick Box — Term used to describe a square match box that contains about 22 matches. Dimensions are 2 1/4 in. long by 3/4 in. square.
Liquor Stores — A matchcover category that advertises any business establishment that sells hard liquor or wine. Stock design matchcovers for this category may have a single product advertised on the back and the business name on the front.
Lists — A description and assignment of reference numbers by collectors and/or matchcover clubs to what matchcovers have been issued in specific categories. Match book manufacturers do not sanction lists. (See Checklist, Want Lists).
Listings — Any or all attempts by serious or well-intended collectors to assign a reference number to each different matchcover of a particular type, set, series, or category.
Lite-Rite Match Co. — An old, defunct Canadian match company.
Live Model — A Girlies category in which the subject is photographed, rather than drawn. These subjects are usually partially nude or nude. Pornographic photos are not considered part of this category. (See Girlies).
Livingston Adv. Assoc., Inc. NY — An old, defunct match company that was located in New York City. Manumark also read: Mfg. by Lion Match Company, Inc.
Loco-Foco — Name for early Strike Anywhere Matches used in the 1830s.
Lodges — A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions lodges, produced by Elks, Moose, etc.
Logo — Any trademark, registered symbol, or symbol design of a business, company, newsletter, or match club.
Lone Star Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that was located in San Antonio, TX. Operated in the mid-1950s.
Long Beach World’s Fair — Which never took place in Long Beach, CA in 1967 and 1968. Matchcovers, however, were issued.
Los Angeles Match Co. — An old, defunct match company.
Los Angeles Town House Set — Produced in 1930 by the Lion Match Co., it featured a Safety First footer. There were 10 matchcovers in this set (numbered on the back) and only one complete set has ever been recorded. The scenes are different views of the hotel and grounds.
Louden, Thomas — Featured performer and subject member of the Mendelson Opera Co. who first appeared on a commercial match book advertisement in 1895. (See Mendelson Opera Co.).
Lounges — (See Bars).
Lucifers — An early type of match that gave off poisonous fumes when lit. First developed in the 1830s, the matches were ignited by drawing them through a folded piece of sandpaper.
Lucky Sticks — A Lion Match Corp. trademark for matches with various poker hands printed on the sticks. Sticks were similar in width to the patented Feature match stick. First issued around 1954.
Luster Glo — Advertised as “gleaming atomic age materials used to achieve the absolute ultimate in book match advertising,” these metallic surface matchcovers were usually printed in black ink or reverse process. (See Metallic).
Luster-Tone Process — A printing process popular in the 1940s and 1950s that used raised (embossed) ink. Larger areas were also treated with a pattern or design further enhancing the brilliance of the advertisement.
Lynx Specialty Co. — An old, defunct advertising specialty company located in Salt Lake City, UT, that sold match books.