Matchcover glossary J

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Jersey Match Co. — An old, defunct match company that started in 1935 and was located in Elizabeth, NJ, and New York City, NY. It went out of business around 1948.
Jewel — A Universal Match Corp. trademark whose elongated matchcovers had parallel sides and dimensions that measured 5 1/16 in. x 1 7/8 in.” The name “Jewel” appears on the inside. An updated catalogue of numbered Jewel matchcovers has been available. Production ended in 1987 for this type, and there are over 5,000 varieties known. Introduced in 1955, early varieties have the Jewelite trademark inside.
Jewelite — A Universal Match Corp. trademark whose matchcover design included non-parallel, hour-glass and die-cut sides. These should not to be confused with a Lion Match Co. Contour, which is shorter. Jewelites are the same general dimensions as the Universal Match Corp. Jewel. The first Jewelite was issued in 1951. Production ended in 1987 for this type, and there are over 7,000 varieties known.
Jewelite Sports — A sub-category of Jewelite matchcovers relating to popular team sports. All had the hour glass shape, and many contained team schedules inside.
Jewish — A minor matchcover category featuring Jewish themes, including holidays, Kosher foods, etc. Not included here are Israeli themes or El Al airlines.
Jig-Saw Set — Any set of matchcovers that has to be placed side by side to reveal the entire picture or motif. The Filippo Berio Olive Oil set of 10 is one example. (See Panorama, Contact Sets).
Jobber — Any person who acts as a middle man between the manufacturer and purchaser of a product. In the matchcover industry, jobbers often handle overruns, mis-cuts, mis-prints or other merchandise, not able to be sold on the open market or to their originally intended customer. (See Overrun).
Joshua Award — Given by the match industry, this award honored certain groups of advertisers for outstanding designs. The first “Joshua” went to the National Lead Company in 1952. The award was named after Joshua Pusey. This award was only given for a few years. (See Pusey, Joshua).
Jumbo — The Maryland Match Co. answer to 40-stick size, offered in chrome white and three other colors.
Jumbo King — The Monarch Match Co. name for the standard 240-stick match book. Actual size was 16 inches wide. (See Souvenir, Two-Forty Strike).
Junior Colleges — (See Colleges).
Juniors — A match book produced by the Ohio Match Co. in direct competition to the Lion “Midget.” Most collectors use the Lion trademarked category classification “Midget” for this entire size grouping. (See Midgets).
Jupiter — A trademark used by a West German matchcover manufacturer with approximate dimensions to that of a Jewel.
Jupiter 18 — A Universal Match Corp. trademark for matchcovers having 18 wooden matchsticks. Made in Belgium, it uses no staple as the combs are glued. Introduced in the mid 1980s. About 30 different issues have been found.
Jute — A matchcover category having a recycled paper appearance. Over 260 varieties have been catalogued.