Matchcover glossary I

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I — An abbreviation for the inside portion of the matchcover.
IP — An abbreviation for “Inside Print.” (See Inside Print).
Ignia Coronica — A European match book manumark from Austria with the number #153 inside.
Illuminescents — An Atlas Match Co. (TX) product for both their 30-stick and 40-stick matchcovers. The message or design appears to change as you tilted the matchcover. (See Lenticular, Three-D).
Illustro-Ad — A Monarch Match Co. five style stock set (each came in four colors) including designs for food, auto service, spirits, and general customer acceptance.
Imperial Clay-Cote — A Maryland Match Co. style of matchcovers.
Imperial Metallic — A Maryland Match Co. combination of six metallic color combinations, with an imperial black or imperial blue base.
Impregnated Matches — Match stick treated with chemicals to prevent afterglow when the flame is extinguished. This process was developed in 1915. (See Drunkard’s Matches).
Imprint — A manufacturer’s trademark generally found on the inside.
Imprint Book Match — An old, defunct match company that was located in Rochester, NY, which operated in the 1930s.
Inside Matchcover Plates — Stock designs that are sometimes used for inside printing. On older matchcovers, they included: Prayers, Songs, List of Birthstones, Accurate Age Finders, Distances Charts, etc.
Index — (See Checklist).
Indiana Match Co. — An old, defunct match company located in Crawfordsville, IN. This was one of nine companies that merged to form Federal Match Co., in 1923.
Indians — A matchcover category that includes a picture of an American Indian. Some collectors include matchcovers with American Indian artifacts, symbols, names and designs in this category.
Individual Sports — (See Sports).
Industria Argentia — A South American match book manumark from Argentina.
Industria Columbian de Fosferos — A South American match book manumark from Columbia.
Industria del Caribe — A South American match book manumark from Columbia.
Inner — The portion of a box that holds the matches. (See Tray).
Inside — The portion of the matchcover that is closest to the matches.
(Do not confuse “inside” with “back”.) (See Back, I).
Inside Print — Any wording, design, message, or advertisement that is printed on the inside of the matchcover. Also called inside printing.
Inter-Continental Hotels — A matchcover category and boxes from locations of this hotel chain. Established in 1946, there are over 100 locations worldwide. Over 560 varieties are known.
International Exposition — Opened in 1937 in Paris, France. Match books were issued; just how many are not known.
Interpak — A printing company in South Africa.
Interstate Printing Service — An old, defunct printing company located in Biglerville, PA, which specialized in printing match books.
Inter-State Press — An old, defunct printing company located in Los Angeles, CA, that specialized in printing match books.
Irregulars — Any or all custom made match books that in some way are blemished and cannot be sold to the customer. (See Errors, Jobbers).
Italian Tax Stamps — Italian method of making sure tax on matches is paid.