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Dutch intro
Hello every one,

My name is Hans Everink and I am a collector of MATCHBOX LABELS, BOXES and COVERS from all over the world.
My collection comprises now about 470.000 different items from 175 different countries.
My main collection is matchbox labels and I like to swap matchbox labels and matchboxes with other collectors from all over the world who are interested in swapping labels from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other countries.

See my
This homepage gives you information about matchbox labels, boxes and covers from
the Netherlands and also some other information in relating to this hobby.
I also interested in documentation and catalogues about machbox label collecting.
If interested in exchanging or have any questions about matchbox labels, feel free to mail or write me.

Home address:

Hans Everink
Koenderinklanden 12
7542 WB Enschede
The Netherlands

E-mail address: heverink@gmx.net

Site statistics:
Total pages to view: 460
Total scans from match labels, matchcovers and boxes from all over the world: 2289

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